puppets that work

Who doesn't love a puppet? Better yet, who doesn't love the idea of having a puppet work for them? ... people who never considered hiring puppets, that's who.

But why wouldn't you want puppets to work for you? They're unique, adorable and versatile. Puppets are instantly recognizable. They're something we've grown up with. Puppets connect with people (and vice-versa) stronger than animation or CG because puppets are real. Sort of.

The point is, we identify with puppets. And because of that, they're a great way to get a message across - in advertising, marketing or simple story telling (however, the art of puppetry is anything but simple - that's why there are Puppet Masters and not Puppet Temps).

Puppet Forge are those masters. They're the ones who can give your project a hand. Literally.


The Puppet Forge was established during the Great Puppet Famine of 2001. In a response to a dearth of viable, adult-themed puppet works happening on the national level. We are the natural extension of our desires and skills as puppeteers/performers. We took the advice of Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl: "follow your dream".

We've worked with Director Andrew Hunt, "Spaced Out" short on Fox TV’s "On The Lot", Bob Medcraft's "Choo Choo Bob Show", Michael Heagle, Independent Film Maker on "Transylvania Television", cartoonist John Kovalic on "The Dork Tower Project", Olson & Company, Tim Lagasse, and MN Lottery on "Lets Play For" beneficiary campaign, Director Barry Kim on "Tattoos" short film, Director Todd Wardrope on "The Hard Working Man From Nebraska" short film, Director Dave Moe on "Berkley Gulp" fishing lure campaign.



Are you an active, vital producer, agency or studio with an eye towards energetic, visually engaging material? Do you adore puppets? Then let’s work together! The Puppet Forge produces puppet-related assets for video and film. This includes design and crafting of puppets, specialty set design and construction, props, etc. that are necessary in support of puppet use.We can also provide puppeteer talent for performance.

We also forge Puppets.

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